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Jufran, don't let the banana fool you
jufran sauce

A staple in many household for its sheer flavor. It's the sauce people rave about that makes Filipino dishes amazing.

jufran made with bananas

Ketchup without tomatoes? But does it taste like bananas?

jufran filipino spaghetti

Sweeter in nature than Italian spaghetti and altogether amazing.

jufran inventor maria rosa

Pioneer food technologist, Maria Y. Orosa paved the way for many of the culinary traditions in the Philippines.

jufran commercial

"Mom, I'm going to rock your adobo."

jufran not good on bananas

Words of wisdom: "Jufran Banana Sauce, goes on everything, but bananas."

jufran ice cream

More words of wisdom: Jufran is "not horrible on ice cream."

jufran marfan controversy

Mafran? Jufran's evil brother?

More sauces please!