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Sriracha, the magical hot sauce
sriracha sauce

Grab a bottle of this magical sauce and start using it today! Well, probably more like in a few days with shipping.

sriracha infographic

10 things every lover of Sriracha should know.

sriracha shirt

Check out this awesome shirt. Did anyone say "Halloween costume?"

sriracha cookbook

Tired of just using it on pho? Get the cookbook and expand your culinary horizons.

sriracha iphone 4 case

Why not show friends what your favorite sauce is? "Can you hear me now?"

sriracha art

"Everything tastes better with you."

sriracha ingredient of the year

What's the fuss about Sriracha? That's like saying, "what's so amazing about sliced bread?"

sriracha shirt

Run DMC and Sriracha collide in this awesome remake.

sriracha shirt

A "profession of love for the condiment to end all condiments, Sriracha Rooster Sauce."

sriracha shirt

If it were this big, I would sleep with it while sporting this amazing shirt.

dear sriracha

A declaration of love for Sriracha by Matt Inman of The Oatmeal.

sriracha apron

This woman loves the sauce so much she makes aprons.

sriracha on a bike

"Sriracha is the magical sauce that makes everything better and now it has a rap anthem."

sriracha mini keychain

So many things are greet pocket-sized. This is just another one of them.

sriracha on top of food pyramid

Yep, pretty much.

sriracha bitters drink

Enhance your beverages with these spicy Brooklyn Hemispherical Bitters.

sriracha pepper spray bottle

Get it? Wonder if they use it on kids or animals… that would just be cruel without the pho.

sriracha 100 ways to use

50 recipes wasn't enough? Try 100!

sriracha lollipops

Sriracha lollipop anyone?

More sauces please!